St Piran’s Cross Multi-Academy Trust Schools

The five schools within the St Piran’s Cross Multi-Academy Trust share the common synergy and distinctiveness of being church schools. The church ethos and values are at the heart of everything the schools aim for and those same values ensure that pupils are happy and confident during their time at school. High academic achievement is central to pupils’ success in later life and the schools aim to provide not only that, but also a wide range of sporting and creative opportunities to support the pupils in becoming rounded citizens.

Although part of the Trust, each school has its own unique flavour. They range in size from 312 to 61pupils but all, of course have the common goal of providing the best possible learning opportunities for their pupils. These schools have been at the heart of their communities for many years and have been providing opportunities to countless children, to learn and strive to take their place in the ever changing world. The schools have kept pace with this changing world and are very capable of preparing pupils for it and for the next phase of their education. To this end the strong links with the various secondary schools ensure not only smooth transitions but a familiarity which allows pupils to settle quickly on their continuing educational journey.

I hope that you will take the time to visit the websites of the schools in which you are particularly interested, and to explore the other websites of the schools of the Multi-Academy Trust. However the website is just one way of finding out about schools. You may live in Cornwall already and be familiar with the schools, or you may be looking at this website from another part of the UK or world and thinking about where you would like your child to attend school. I would encourage you to contact the schools and arrange a visit. You will receive all the information and help that you need and above all, you will be warmly welcomed.

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